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8 million tons of garbage end up in our oceans every year

8 million tons of garbage end up in our oceans every year. 640,000 tons of fishing nets are left at the bottom of the ocean. (Source: FAO and UNEP)
Such alarming data tells us that if the situation doesn't change, our seas may contain more litter than fish by 2050. We need to radically change our approach, coexisting with nature in the best possible way and considering the importance of a finite resource like water. We need to become more aware of this situation and change our attitudes.
For our performance line we use the fabric ECONYL®. ECONYL® is a sustainable nylon fiber made from 100% recycled fishing nets and other marine debris. 
The fabric has a matte finish, is durable and soft. A special property of ECONYL® is its compactness and elasticity. This makes it perfect for sports fashion. It adapts to movements and is completely opaque. Our fabrics are also OEKOTEX certified. 
The mission is, together with our fabric manufacturer in cooperation with "Healthy Seas", an initiative founded in 2013:
To rid our planet's waters of pollution, including the ghost fishing nets that kill so many sea creatures.
Also promoting and working with fishing communities to take preventative measures to reduce pollution from discarded fishing nets. Likewise, the search for new solutions for disposal in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.
Thus, thanks to an ingenious and complex process, marine litter is transformed into ECONYL®, a new polyamide. which has the same properties as pure nylon, but with the plus that it is not manufactured using non-renewable fossil raw materials.