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From quiet aesthetics to sheer extravagance.

 Performance wear - our production 

 In the past 3 years we have set new standards in terms of product quality and sustainability in the CrossFit area. Now we have reached another milestone: we have created our first own performance wear! 

 Self-made instead of standard 

We looked for producers, fabrics and production facilities and, with the help of a great team, put together a collection that is fair and sustainable. The focus is on high functionality, maximum comfort and timeless, feminine cuts. More than 12 months and several product samples later, we are now ready for the launch. The attention to detail paid off in the end.

What does performance wear mean? 

Performance fabrics are specially designed for training and support our athletic performance. The pieces are quick drying, squat proof and feel like a second skin. 

The collection 

We opted for a combination of simple classics and bright color accents. Whether monochrome black, bold color blocking or a mix of both - you decide! Our guiding principle is: From quiet aesthetics to sheer extravagance. 

As always, the slow fashion approach is very important to us. With the timeless design and longevity of the products, we want to ensure that you can enjoy your pieces for a long time. 

Our fabrics 

For our performance line we use the fabric ECONYL®. ECONYL® is a sustainable nylon fiber made from 100% recycled fishing nets. 

The fabric has a matte finish, is durable and soft. A special property of ECONYL® is its compactness and elasticity. This makes it perfect for sportswear and swimwear. It adapts to movements and is completely opaque. 

Our fabrics are also OEKOTEX certified. 

Our production

The Performance line was designed by our team in Austria. With the help of partners, we looked for a suitable production facility and worked on the perfect cuts together with a designer and a pattern artist. 

The pieces are produced in the EU under tested working conditions. Our partners take care of quality management on site and ensure that all materials used, such as fabrics and threads, are fair and sustainable. 

 Fair working conditions: 

  • Workers receive a fixed salary that is independent of the number of items produced. 
  • The workload is set at 40 hours per week (8 hours per day, 5 days per week) 
  • There is no overtime 
  • The production site is not older than 3 years 
  • There is no child labor. The youngest employee is 23 years old (as of 2021) 
  • The production facility provides its own bus transport for workers who live outside of the city 
  • There are strict rules on safety and health at work and regular reviews 
  • Workers receive regular health and safety training 
  • Workers have the right to found unions and associations (there are currently no unions or associations in the company because workers do not consider this necessary. Suggestions for improvement may be made freely at any time) 


We also use compostable packaging for our performance wear. 

Do you still have questions about the Performance line? Then please send us an email to