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You've probably been in the situation before: you ordered a piece of clothing online and when you tried it on you realized that you had chosen the wrong size. In addition to the disappointment you experience, this also means additional work for you and a negative impact on the planet. In addition, the costs are a major burden, especially for small companies.

That's why we want to share with you how you can avoid this mistake when shopping online and show you how to take your measurements and find the right size for you.

Read the size information carefully!

At Gains and Roses we try to provide you with the most accurate information possible about the size of a product. These include the size charts, but also the indication of the worn size in the photo and the description of the garment (oversized, loose cut, cropped, etc). Read the information carefully!

Pay attention to the description of the product!

A product's description can help you find the right cut for your style and body type. This includes termsffe like "unisex", "oversized", "normal cut" etc.

For a product with the “normal cut” label, you can always choose the size you wear most of the time. Be sure to compare your measurements with the size chart. Do you prefer a tighter-fitting piece of clothing? Then one size smaller might be the right choice!

"Oversized" cuts are deliberately designed to sit loosely on the body. If that doesn't suit you, you can choose a smaller size. The same applies to unisex cuts for women. If you normally wear size M as a woman, unisex M will fit you very loosely and oversized.

Compare your body type with that of the model!

Choosing the right dress size is simplified by comparing it with the model. With our products you will find information on the worn size and the height of the model.

Final tips

It is best to make a note of the sizes that fit you best for the future. As long as your dimensions don't change, you can reuse them. This way you keep an overview and save time next time.

Also check in the shopping cart whether you have chosen the right size or whether you have made a mistake.

If you are still unsure, please send us an email to We are always available for questions.

Author: Jules Vogel

Inspo: The Slow Label