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Fair Fashion


Gains and Roses shows that sustainability is modern.
Fair production and the use of sustainable, natural materials are the focus and form the identity of the brand. The design and finishing take place exclusively in Austria. We use ecological and recycled materials that are kind to the skin and the environment. All of our products have the strictest eco-certificates on the market. If you want more information, you can here learn more about it. 


The majority of Gains and Roses products are made from 100% organic cotton. The production of organic cotton uses less water compared to the production of standard cotton. In addition, no chemicals are used in production. The waste from cotton picking is reused in the animal feed industry. 


We only work with local companies to support them and to keep production routes as short as possible. The web marks are fixed in cooperation with the employment project "Your Company" by Jugend am Werk by people with disabilities or positive asylum decisions in the course of training and work in loving manual labor.